Trump, Clinton Fundraising Gap Could be Increasing

posted by Michael Martinez July 5, 2016 0 comments
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On July 1, like clockwork, the Clinton campaign reported its fundraising efforts for the previous month. The campaign, in part due to clinching the nomination in early June, sharply increased its fundraising totals. In all, Clinton reported raising over $68 million, more than two and half times more than it raised the month before. 

And, despite all of the spending on running its national campaign, the campaign actually had more cash on hand at the end of June than at the end of May – $2 million more. It reported available cash of $44 million. It also provided some details about its fundraising. Specifically, that it had raised $40.5 million directly for its campaign, and $28 million through a joint fundraising agreement. That sum was routed to the Democratic National Committee and state parties.

On the Republican side, what was the word from the Trump campaign? Crickets. Nothing. After ending May – the month in which Trump became the presumptive nominee for his party – with a dismal showing, Trump has yet to report his June fundraising totals. Keep in mind that in May, where he should have seen an uptick, Trump raised a dismal $3 million and actually had to loan his campaign $2 million so that it could meet its obligations. Still, he ended that month with just $1.3 million cash on hand, less than many congressional campaigns and less than some of his rivals who suspended their campaign months ago.

Once he felt the backlash of his dismal fundraising performance, Trump immediately did what Trump does: he claimed that he is now getting into full fundraising mode. He started saying that on this day he raised millions and the following day he raised millions more. Since talk of his fundraising woes calmed down a bit, he has not said much, if anything, about fundraising.

Trump has been very vocal since July 1, so much so that he has managed to drown out the disastrous news regarding the happenings around Hillary Clinton’s emails. Camp Trump’s radio silence on fundraising is deafening. This cannot be a good sign for his campaign.

Like his taxes, the lack of disclosure fuels negative speculation. However, unlike his taxes, he cannot keep his campaign fundraising a secret for long.

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