Who Created Trump’s Star of David Tweet?

posted by Breanna Khorrami July 3, 2016 0 comments
star david tweet - citizen slant

According to the news site, Mic, the image which Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday with a Star of David over a background of $100 bills accusing Hillary Clinton of corruption was created by white supremacists.


The image was posted on a message board for the alt-right, a movement of Neo nazis, antisemites and white supremacists who are commonly associated with Trump’s candidacy, according to the report. Mic reports that the image was posted as early as June 22, more than a week before Trump tweeted it. The name of the image was HillHistory.jpg, which Mic claims could be linked to the neo Nazi code for “Heil Hitler.”

The tweet was quickly picked up on social media and drew wide criticism from people who asked why a Star of David was used. Many took to Twitter to call Trump antisemitic. Two hours later, Trump posted a new tweet replacing the Star of David with a circle. Trump later deleted the original tweet.

On Sunday, former Trump campaign manager and newly hired CNN commentator, Corey Lewandowski, stood as one of the few who supported Trump on the matter.

“The bottom line is you can read into things that are not there,” Lewandowski said on CNN. He stated that the star was “the same star that sheriff’s departments all over the place use to represent law enforcement.” He claimed that “The bottom line is this is political correctness run amok.”


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